High – Public Performance – 28th July


Join us for a free Gala performance of our new show High to celebrate 10 years of Peer Productions!

Using a blend of physical theatre, naturalistic drama and magical realism, High follows ten years in the life of Jack. Jack feels left out at school so starts smoking marijuana. Although he realises the impact the drug is having on his mental health and family life he quickly is lured to try the next high, MDMA, and from there his life lurches steadily our of control. The play aims to enable young people to get help for themselves or others in an accessible and frank format and is designed to be direct and to engage young audiences.

Written by Artistic Director Nina Lemon, our latest play High explores the personal, social and emotional consequences of drug taking. It is designed to increase young people's resilience to pressure to taking illegal substances and currently still legal highs and to make them aware of the effects the drugs could have on their body, mind and relationships.

For tickets go to TicketSource or contact us at admin@peerproductions.co.uk for more information.