Losing It Workshop

Last year, Peer Productions developed a new play about healthy relationships - Losing It: A play about getting together and falling apart. With the rise of communication technology, particularly smart phones, many of our young people are exposed to sexual imagery at a far younger age than ever before and our teenagers are living in a hyper-sexualised society that sends conflicting and confusing messages about their bodies, sexual expectations and the relationships they experience. Young women aged 16 - 23 years are more likely to experience abuse in a relationship than any other group. At the same time this current generation of teenagers are, in the main, more open, accepting and supportive of each other’s different experiences of sexuality and gender. Here at Peer Productions, with your help, we want to support young people to make better informed choices and develop healthy relationships as they grow up.

With kind support from Heathrow Community Foundation and Thames Valley Housing Association, we were able to offer students from a selected range of schools the opportunity to take part in a one day free drama workshop led by professional artists and trained peer educators. The drama workshops focused on the topic of healthy relationships and were used as a starting point for Peer Productions to create a new play for teenage audiences, designed to help young people navigate the difficult topic of sex and relationships.